Private & Group Lessons, University Master Classes & Seminars, Choirs & Theater, Elementary through Professional / Teacher Training, Music Camps, On-line, Community, Multi-Generational: 

Evie is an intuitive and engaging facilitator, capable of leading any age and experience into participatory music and dance. She especially enjoys exploring the many ways musical information enters the body and brain, and adapting methods so students experience the most success.   Evie is known for making information very accessible, and her students comfortable with whatever their starting point.

Workshop Topics

  • Clawhammer Banjo: Rank Beginner to Advanced; Singing While Playing; New Music from Old Forms, Learning the Neck, etc.
  • Old Time Harmony Singing
  • Old Time Stringband
  • Square Dance
  • Southern Appalachian Flatfoot Clogging
  • Tap Dance
  • Survey of Step Dance Styles
  • Vernacular Dance
  • Dancing with Others: the Basics of Sharing Weight
  • History of American Dance
  • Body Music – Hands, Feet, Voice, Choreography

Participant Feedback:

“Evie is very knowledgeable, entertaining, warm and funny. She gets the message across and keeps the class moving forward. It’s a great joy to be around her and try to absorb her talent.”

“This was the best class I have had at this camp. Dynamic, fun, and informative.”

“Great class! I can’t say enough good things, Evie is amazing! She’s organized and knowledgeable about Carter Family tunes and harmonies. I learned how to pick out harmonies—crossing over, crooked, etc. We got to sing a lot!”

“Evie is a strong teacher. She gives a clear vision of what we are going toward. I enjoyed the instruction and music. I learned to think about harmony and improved my basic melody singing as well. I liked it a lot and would love to do it again!”