Upcoming events

Nov 8, 2022
Dec 13, 2022

Six-week Session of Tuesdays.
5:30-6:45 Clawhammer Banjo for the Rank Beginner
7-8:15 Repertoire & Techniques
Repertoire is for those who have the basics and want to build skills and tunes. Rank Beginner is slower and newer than that. Contact The Freight to Register – Banjos available for rent or purchase, contact me if interested.

Online from Anywhere
Dec 1, 2022

When I was little I wanted to be that Coal Miner’s Daughter, and have admired her songs ever since. I’ll be joining an incredible cast of the Bay’s premier country roster, to sing a few with Lila Goehring in honor of Loretta’s passing, and her incredible legacy in country music. When not singing, I’ll be two-stepping!

Freight & Salvage, Berkeley, CA
Dec 8, 2022
San Francisco, CA
Dec 13, 2022
Dec 16, 2022
El Cerrito, CA
Dec 14, 2022

In Watsonville schools through Tandy Beale & Co and Friends of Olympia Station.

Watsonville, CA
Dec 15, 2022

Private Square Dance event.

San Francisco, CA
Dec 20, 2022

Songs & tunes at the Page Bar.

San Francisco, CA
Jan 7, 2023
Occidental, CA
Jan 18, 2023

In Watsonville schools through Tandy Beale & Co and Friends of Olympia Station.

Watsonville, CA
Feb 3, 2023
Feb 4, 2023

MoToR/dance is excited to present our first evening-length production: Water in the Kettle. This 12-member Body Music ensemble examines foundational ideas of freedom and equality and the breach of promise, as Americans, and as women. Put some water on, we’ve got a lot of work to do. Three shows leading to Sunday’s International Day of Body Music events.

Rhythmix Cultural Works, Alameda, CA
8pm Friday / 5 & 8pm Saturday
Feb 5, 2023

Always the First Sunday in February, Body Music Community Building events held around the globe. Here in the Bay, we’ll be holding a small series of workshops at Rhythmix Cultural Works, including a MoToR/method workshop. Details to come.

Alameda, CA
Feb 11, 2023

Let Me Fall…In Love! Do-si-do your partner at Ashkenaz with Callers Evie Ladin and Robin Fischer, and rowdy stringband music from the award-winning Right to Parlay.

Ashkenaz, Berkeley, CA