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Body Music

Here we go, September! Back on your heads. Enough of this lolling around enjoying nature, the trees, swimming! Time to put the nose to the grindstone, workshopping and preparing to record the Evie Ladin Band in a few short weeks! Super stoked to announce we’ll be working with the fabulous Eli West producing. In the midst of that, heading to Europe to create a new, full-scale BODY MUSIC show, booked by IMG Artists internationally. This Fall is all about creation and recording, with a few tour dates thrown in. Let’s go!


The 7th International Body Music Festival was an extraordinary, life changing event, and I thought I knew what was going to happen! Artists and participants from 15 countries, in cultural exchange with Balinese in the most potent ways – through music, dance, and laughter. Bali is a Hindu enclave in Indonesia, where daily life is filled with creative ritual – a fully artistic life in service to the gods, and community. Art is in the doing. Not in talking or writing about it, in the daily experience of creating and doing. I try to hold on to this now that I’m home, and working on songs and tunes for an upcoming solo recording. Me with Banjo. I’ve never thought this music necessary to record, as it too is all about the doing, the experience. And yet, my audience is always asking for straight up banjo tunes, so here we go. Looking forward to working with the fabulous Joe Bass in Floyd, VA on making a stripped down record. Now how to keep the creative process alive in our tech-riddled, money driven world?