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Making a Record…

With Eli West producing and Bruce Kaphan at the controls, we are in the best of hands as the Evie Ladin Band dives into our most personal record, with our tightest band. We’ll soon be kicking off a CrowdFunding Campaign with a host of new videos from all sides of our musical lives, and hope you’ll help us get the music out to the world. Stay Tuned!

After an intense month of 9 hr daily rehearsals in the heat of El Sauzal, Las Canarias, Spain, we launched the first incarnation of BODY MUSIC, a new, full-scale show with an incredibly talented cast of Body Musicians. Booked by IMG Artists, the work will premier in Europe 2016 and in the US 2017. In the meantime, the post-rehearsal ocean swimming and crazy fresh fish dinners kept us going strong!

Body Music

Here we go, September! Back on your heads. Enough of this lolling around enjoying nature, the trees, swimming! Time to put the nose to the grindstone, workshopping and preparing to record the Evie Ladin Band in a few short weeks! Super stoked to announce we’ll be working with the fabulous Eli West producing. In the midst of that, heading to Europe to create a new, full-scale BODY MUSIC show, booked by IMG Artists internationally. This Fall is all about creation and recording, with a few tour dates thrown in. Let’s go!