HARDCOPY – Caught On A Wire


HARDCOPY – Caught On A Wire


13 Brand New Tracks from Evie Ladin Band w/ Keith Terry & Erik Pearson

Release date: March 21, 2019
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Evie Ladin lead vocal, banjo, guitar
Keith Terry vocal, bass, drums, percussion
Erik Pearson vocal, guitars, banjo, uke

A full-time creative in every capacity, Ladin mines decades of touring and performing to illuminate a heartbreakingly honest take on the human experience in her fourth album of original songs, Caught On A Wire. With long time collaborator Keith Terry on bass and percussion, and Erik Pearson on guitars, the trio create tracks from jazzy vaudeville numbers that inspire you to dance, to moody indie folk that makes you feel and think. Caught On A Wire is the product of not only a lifetime immersed the study of culture, but a depth of experiences, of total joys and deep disappointments, illuminating the paradoxes living life in this world.

Sundra Manning piano (7, 10, 11)
Jeff Cressman on trombone (10)

J. Goody, Megasonic engineer, mixing
David Glasser, Airshow mastering
Debbie Berne graphic design
Snap Jackson band photo

Lyrics by Evie Ladin /Evil Diane Music, BMI
except People Are You Ready, PD
Music created by the ELB
Evil Diane Music/Crosspulse Music/Erik Pearson Music, BMI
© 2019

THANKS to our families, community and fans

Track list:

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1. California I Cry
2. Glory
3. Life Raft
4. Gone Again
5. Holding on to Saturday Night
6. Tumbleweed
7. Late in the Evening
8. News Cyclone
9. People Are You Ready
10. Almost Everywhere
11. Mr Joe
12. Let Me Lay Down
13. Mockingbird