New Website!

It’s appropriate that I haven’t updated our news since October, because that’s when we started recording JUMP THE FIRE (out May 6), and the whole thing began. Since then, we have mostly still been making that record – mixing, artwork, pledge campaign (Thank You!), publicity, marketing, and not least, overhauling this WEBSITE! So thrilled to launch Evil Diane 3.0 New Website, as we see our latest CD out the door. Super proud of the band, a tight trio with Keith & Erik, happy to finally be back making the music live – our favorite part. Happy also to have the infrastructure in place – the PR campaign just starting, pledge perks being mailed and pretty soon JUMP THE FIRE will be shipping to radio across the country. We’ve already been getting some nice airplay on BBC radio, with an earlier UK release date. Our three-week tour of England was just the right ramp back up into touring again.

Lots of dates lie ahead, but first take a look around the new site, let us know if anything is amiss. Happy to have you here!

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