DVD: Buckdancing for Beginners 2: Freestyle

Instructional DVD: Skills for Dancing the Tune
Release date: 2013
Running Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Taught by Evie Ladin with Erik Pearson on Clawhammer Banjo.

Evie introduces variations on the basic steps taught in her popular first DVD, Buckdancing for Beginners. Learning the Buck Step, Basic, Chug, Tennessee Walking Step, Crossovers, Pitter Patter and Calypso, you sequentially add to your repertoire while reviewing. Combining steps in infinite ways you can begin to dance the melody, and free up the rhythms in your feet. This DVD should take you the rest of the way to freestyling!

Buckdancing for Beginners 2: Freestyle - Evie Ladin

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